Here is a collection of 9 funny baby pictures complete with our very own made up captions. Feel free to add your own ideas as well in the comments section further down. All credits given at bottom of page for photos.

“Oh crap, those mushy peas have gone right thru me, gotta stop feeding me so much maa”


“Eh sista, don’t let dis pink top fool you, I’m straight up west coast.”

“Stop asking me, no I don’t work at International Rescue!”

“Yeah mum, it’s me, my dinner ready yet?”

“This is funny, but please don’t put me in an Eeyore outfit”

“Look into my eyes, not around the eyes! Into the eyes.”

“They call me G.H.E.T.T.O”

“I’m not cut out for all this crawling malarkey..I’ll just stop…for….a……seco..zzzzz”

description: funny baby picture in shoe

Can you think of any better captions? Stick them in the comments area below. Thanks for visiting today, all sources are listed below, and available on the creative commons license so you can use them as well. Lots of love to the uploaders for allowing them to be used by others.

Image credits (in order that the above appear, many thanks!): neeta_lind,azchristopher,mada,froggygrl727,joshlewis,breezy421,rcstanley,soylentgreen23,soylentgreen23

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Funny Baby Pictures With Captions!
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