13 Socially Awkward Moments In Life!

Life gets awkward we just have to deal with it at the time, and sometimes afterwards it still isn’t funny. But its okay to laugh at other peoples messups, so lets do that right now.

Don’t wear a low cut top when people use digital cameras with face recognition, makes the photo taker feel awkward.

Face recognition on a digital camera gone wrong
Face recognition on a digital camera gone wrong.

If you decide to dress up, probably don’t give the costume a weird expression, especially if it is Woody from Toy Store.

Woody fancy dress costume
Woody fancy dress costume.

Teenagers are prone to selfie fails, this is a good one.

Teenage girl selfie fail
Teenage girl selfie fail

That moment on holiday when you are trying to get a really good photo of something that is far away.

Penguin behind photographer
Penguin behind photographer

Why does the belt always become difficult in a public toilet?

Classic belt problem
Classic belt problem.

A severe faux pas is wearing the same jumper, if needs be message a friend to double check they will not be wearing the same clothes.

Wearing same jumpers
Wearing same jumpers

However things are a bit different for men!

Wearing same clothes
Wearing same clothes.

On the topic of fashion also be careful not to dress like famous characters.

Real life mario and peach
Real life mario and peach

If you are a bit on the plump side be careful where you sit, things can get wedged.

Lost pet
Lost pet

We all suffer from this problem on Facebook, fortunately it is normally a problem we experience on our own and not one other people witness.

Problems with Facebook
Problems with Facebook

Waiting for a reply when it is you who forgot to reply.

Waiting for a reply
Waiting for a reply

Things get really awkward when you are at the distance of being unsure whether to hold the door for someone or not. If unsure, dont hold it open, it can get weird.

Its nice people try to be polite
Its nice people try to be polite.

And remember, when these awkward social situations happen in life, it is time to look down at your phone.

Look down at your smartphone
Look down at your smartphone.

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