Brian Badonde from Facejacker – Funny Quotes & Clips inc Rap!

Brian Badonde speech
Brian Badonde speech
The world famous art critic Brian Badonde unfortunately suffers from a bad speech impediment which goes by the name of ‘Bourettes’.

This means that he often pronounces words with a ‘B’ and also makes random noises such as ‘Boh’. But that doesn’t stop him from being a bloody good TV reporter! So here are some of his best clips from the TV series Facejacker, click the play buttons to get laughing.

MC Rap Battle with Nappy (second part)

Bing! Brians journey through the Art Of Technology

Here’s a list of a few lines (well.. more just words) from the big man himself, feel free to do your own impression when you read them – like you weren’t going to anyway!

  • Slap you on your little calfy muscles
  • Breally?
  • benuine….Bindian Bisky
  • Biddly bee!
  • Let’s do it
  • Bo shut up
  • Bono nonono
  • But when do you give someone a fisting?
  • Bindeed
  • Belcome back

Merch and DVDs

Want to watch Facejacker back? You can still get the DVDs released by Channel 4 quite cheap if they are used. There’s also some unofficial clothing so you can get.

You’re welcome to throw your favourite Brian Badonde quotes and random things you think he would say in the comment section below! You can catch more of this wonderful art critic in the Facejacker programs, at the time of writing they are still available to view on 4OD, or you can buy the DVD.

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