Fat Kid Funny Pic – Look at his cute chubby face!

Child obesity is a hot topic these days in America and many other countries around the world.

Many people don’t like to joke about it. But why not, little fat kids are so funny!

Check this big lad out.

Funny Fat Kid In Fast Food Restaurant
Funny fat boy meme.

The meme gives him a good attitude. Not surprising, his arms look like car tires.

Disclaimer: this post is not the views/opinions of the article author or the website, it is merely expressing the views of the millions of other people around the world that fat kids are actually incredibly funny, especially when they run, bounce or eat a lot.

If you have any more goodies like this throw them our way and we may publish them if we giggle like a girl. Throw your comments about this chubber in the cheeky little area below, get your voice heard!

Having had a look around the web it seems to be posted quite a lot elsewhere as well, and other reactions are the same.

Over the years this has become a classic meme shared many times. Hopefully, by now the guy has sorted his weight issues out. That’s if he managed to fit out of the door at McDonald’s of course.

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9 thoughts on “Fat Kid Funny Pic – Look at his cute chubby face!

  1. wow i cant belive those are his actual arms! it looks like hes wearing a padded jacket!!!

  2. how funny man he needs to lose some pounds like no lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!L.O.L MAN SERIOUSLY BAD B.O

  3. I love that image macro – I never get tired of seeing it. Evil, though – we really shouldn’t laugh at the less fortunate.

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