5 Funny Caption Pics – So Close, Yet So Far!

Here is a cheeky collection of very funny caption photos, no particular topic, just random goodies for your beady eyes. Enjoy.

So close, yet so far.
5 Funny Caption Pics – So Close, Yet So Far!

Wrong place wrong time. Javelin in foot.
Javelin in foot

GTA somalia.
GTA Somalia

She was alive – before she was dead!
She was alive

Lego fun snacks.
Lego fun snacks haha
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Source: images originally found on Flickr with a shareable Creative Commons license. However, the user account on Flickr has since been deleted so no live links are available.

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7 thoughts on “5 Funny Caption Pics – So Close, Yet So Far!

  1. Ha, the first was was funny. “So close yet so far” Brilliantly funny. The Legos one is pretty funny to. I’m wondering the same thing as beautifall on that one.

  2. I wonder if pooping out the legos hurts as much as stepping on one. Maybe if you eat enough of them, you’ll poop out a small castle.

  3. PRINCESS DIANA!! Comical!! Is that article real? Sometimes these reporters are in such a rush to break news they put out any kind of headline

  4. Er… ‘Diana Was Still Alive Hours Before She Died’ is a spoof headline from satirical magazine Private Eye – hence ‘Exclusive To All Newspapers’, which might be a bit of a clue.

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