Do Funny or Die pay users to upload?

So you want to be a comedian do you? Fancy uploading some funny content in return for a few quid for being the funniest guy/girl in your area?

Funny or Die website
Funny or Die website

Unfortunately you aren’t going to be able to do it on Funny or Die, because no, they don’t pay you. They create lots of content in-house and if you get a job with them, then yes, there is money to be made. But otherwise, they don’t have a system for the wider public.

But Funny or Die is a very well respected website and they focus on quality. It can be a very good way to get recognised and to begin to build up a profile. In the future if you became a comedian, whether that be a stand-up, or online creator with your own community, or YouTube channel, then although you wouldn’t have made money directly from Funny or Die, you will have made it indirectly by using that as your platform.

They allow you to upload videos, write articles and share pictures. So if you think you can create the giggles online there there is a variety of media formats.

If you are desperate for cash then also using YouTube is a good idea, because their Adsense system pays out a percentage of their ad revenue to uploaders. But be warned, you will need hundreds of thousands of views per month to get any sort of noticeable money back.

Comedy is all about love anyway. People do it because they love it. So whatever methods you choose, and getting out to as many ears and eyes as possible is always the best thing to do (IE use Funny Or Die, and YouTube, and Vimeo, and DailyMotion, and Twitter, and Facebook, and Instagram etc etc) and that will give you the best chance long term of getting paid to do what you love to do.

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