Funny Midgets & Dwarfs – 3 Awesome Clips

Some tall people find small people funny, if you fall into this category you’ll love this little collection of golden videos! So don’t mess about, hit the play buttons below. We’ve kept it nice and short, there’s only 3 clips.

The Dancer. This is really really special, nothing more to say, just watch. Make sure you’re speakers are on for full effect.

World dwarf games. Enough said. I’d rather go to that then the 2012 London olympics.

Michael Jackson is not dead – here I have found proof! This dude has some moves.

We hope you enjoyed the above videos and had a giggle, if you liked it don’t forget to pass it on to your friends/followers. One more thing, if you did enjoy it – what kind of a sick human being are you?!?!

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Image used in category is screenshot from video. Copyright of respective owners.

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