Funny Pictures of Seedy People Doing Their Thang

We are blessed with seedy people who love a dodgy stare and a squeeze, perhaps you are one of them. These are people to laugh at, sometimes with, but preferably not be one. So if you are a seedy person you might wanna try and cut back on the fruity behaviour. Anyway that is enough of a life lesson, lets get in to the good stuff.

This big bearded fat lad loves a grope on the log flume.

Cheeky grope on the log flume
Cheeky grope on the log flume

Im guessing the fella above knows the chick he is on the ride with. Otherwise he is getting kicked out!

This chap is just lucky, being a physio or personal trainer looks like a lot of fun. Stretching hot chicks in the park and getting paid for it, tidy.

Physio and hot chick in park
Physio and hot chick in park

Some guys have the ability to pull a special face they reserve for nightclubs when they spot a little something they wanna chat to. This is a strong effort.

Seediest face in the world
Seediest face in the world.

I think he should get the record for the seediest face in the world.

Or perhaps this guy isn’t far behind. Fruity glasses don’t help his cause.

Lady garden destroyer
Lady garden destroyer.

This guy may have a creepy face. The type of guy who stands at a bar staring at women. Anyway, don’t judge a book by its cover is probably the lesson. Or you can if you want to, your choice.

This guy is a gentleman
This guy is a gentleman, perhaps.

Taking up exercise class just for a bit of poontang watching.

Exercise lad
Exercise lad

Want a way to get girls to lie on you? Sure just create an outfit that looks like the twister game, that is not at all dodgy.

Want to play the twister game
Want to play the twister game?

As fancy dress costumes go, the look on Woodys face is very suspect.

Woody fancy dress costume
Woody fancy dress costume.

This post is dedicated to the 2 masters of the game. Charlie Sheen and Glenn Quagmire. Giggity goo.

Charlie Sheen and Glenn Quagmire
Charlie and Glenn

And for the girls who are here who want a seedy picture to share on Facebook when a muscley dude uploads a photo of him in vest at the gym. This one is good.

You make me moist
You make me moist

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