Gavin And Stacey Quotes and Catchphrases

Full cast of Gavin and Stacey
The cast of Gavin and Stacey

The hit BBC comedy Gavin And Stacey may have been ended by the creators after 3 brilliant series, but it’s still stupidly funny even when you have seen episodes, clips, quotes, bits, bobs and pics many times, they remain a cracking laugh! The first series started on 13th May 2007!

Despite originally ending on News Year Day in 2010, it’s been announced a new Christmas Special will be out in 2019! We will all get to see where the gang are out now! Surely Baby Neil will be huge!!

This page is all about looking back at some of the best moments from the show, we have popular sayings, quotes and a hilarious video. If this isn’t enough and you wish to keep Gavin and Stacey in your life forever you can still buy the boxset DVD which includes all series plus the Christmas special in one tidy bundle, see further down the page. Or take a look using your favourite on-demand service, they may be available to watch!

Character Catchphrases From Gavin And Stacey

  • Nessa – “What’s occuring?”
  • Nessa – “I won’t lie to you”
  • Stacey – “That’s well lush”
  • Smithy – “Gavlar!”
  • Smithy – “Pamlar!”
  • Pam – “Mick! Mick!”
  • Gwen – “Would you like an omlette?”
  • Dave Coaches – “Alright sugar tits”

Funny quotes from various episodes

  • Bryn – “I’ve just been updating the MySpace, I’ve got 17 friends now, I’m snowed under!”
  • Nessa – “I just can’t believe I’m pregnant by Smithy, out of all the people I’ve slept with, not Nigel Havers, John Prescott, not any of Goldie Looking Chain!”
  • Stacey – “Like yesterday, I had three just watching Cash In The Attic.” (talking about masturbation)
  • Smithy – “We’ve got to call in a garage, I ain’t going in there bareback.” (talking about Nessa)
  • Bryn – “It’s got sepia, although i think it’s faulty because it just makes everything brown.”
  • Drunk Nessa – ” At the end of the day…when all’s said an done…d’ya know what I mean?”
  • Dawn to Pete – “Excuse me if Ive forgotten what love looks like you pathetic lump of shit.”
  • Doris – “Thing to remember is don’t go giving him nothing on the first night. Well no not nothing. A kiss, a cuddle, a cheeky finger, just don’t go selling the whole farm.”
  • Dave Coaches – “My motto is; fags and weed, glue and speed. But I draws the line at crack. That way everyone knows where they stand.”
  • Gavin – “Well I never thought I’d come back here (Barry) I only came down that first time so I could shag you again.”
  • Pam – “I’m absolutely shattered, I’ve been crying all afternoon. That ‘Pet Rescue’, there was this badger and all it’s litter died – and you could actually see the mother badger crying.”
  • Bryn – “The truth is, I don’t want anybody in this room being raped, myself included.”
  • Mick to Pam – “Why are you talking like a deaf person?”
  • Smithy – “17 and 3/4 actually and she just got 90% on her driving theory and her test is in two weeks but whatever.” (about his girlfriend)
  • Pam in an argument with Mick about steak – “No and do you know why, because you will be up that golf club tomorrow giving it all this. ‘Do you know what my fat disgusting wife had last night, 3 steaks.’ Then they’ll go home and tell their wifes and before you know it I’ll be known as ‘3 steaks pam’.”
  • Bryn (when he mistakes Gavin for a Jehovous Witness) – “Well, let’s have a coffee and celebrate Christmas!”
  • Gwen – “Oh I know love, but let him be, you know Bryn’s a giver!”
  • Nessa – “Sling your hook you pervert or I’ll break your arm.”

If you’re looking for the theme tune or cast information check out our other post which contains them.

Which is the most memorable scene you can recite?

All lovers of the show can remember scenes from it. Play a little game now, which would you say is your favourite?

Let’s list some fantastic scenes to see whether you think they rank.

  1. Funny KFC sceneThe scene where Pete and Dawn are renewing their vows and Pete uses Coldplay lyrics for his speech will always be one to bring tears of joy to the eyes.
  2. Or how about when Mick was going to be a celebrity on TV and the news only interviewed him for a few seconds!
  3. Maybe when Smithy and Uncle Bryn do a sweaty workout together.
  4. Or even when Nessa and Smithy enjoyed a late night KFC together.
  5. Or how about when things starting going sour between Gavin and Stacey and they had to move apart. They weren’t funny scenes, they were emotional, but arguably some of the most memorable.

Merchandise to keep the giggles going

All series and Christmas specials are available on individual DVDs or boxsets, there’s also a book. If you’re ever wanting to send someone a funny card you can get Nessa one’s of those too! Many people don’t have DVD players these days, but look out for it also available on-demand.

Video clips

An amazing scene from one of the episodes between Nessa and Smithy.

This is a clip made of a free app which was available on Android smartphones. If you type “Gavin and Stacey” into the Google Play Store on your smartphone device it may still be available to download. Have a watch, the quotes are brilliant.

A few fun facts about the show

This may be a page focused on funny quotes, but it’s a shame not include a few cracking quotes as well, so here we go.

  • The show started on 13th May 2007.
  • The original show ended on 1st January 2010. With a new Christmas Special expected in 2019.
  • Gavin’s house wasn’t really in Billericay, it was set there but filmed in Penarth in Wales.
  • In total there were only ever 20 episodes.
  • Portugal, Sweden, Iceland, and Israel have all aired the program.

Know any more? Share them in the comments section below.

When is Gavin And Stacey coming back?

A lot of people ask the question of whether or not Gavin And Stacey will return. The creators, James Corden and Ruth Jones, had said it’s not going to happen. BUT IT IS! Christmas 2019 their will be a one-off special! Let’s hope it’s as amazing and we get to see where everyone is at in their lives now. Alongside the guaranteed faces of Gavlar, Smithy, Nessa, Bryn, Jason, Mick, Pam, Stacey and Gwen, who else weill make a cheeky appearance, maybe Chinese Alan, Budgey, Fingers, Gary and Simon, Dirtbox, Rudi Rudester, Dave Coaches, Dawn and Pete – who knows, let’s watch and find out! Keep an eye out for the release date around Christmas.

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