Classic Hooters Protester Meme: Women are not for decoration!

Everybody loves a lone protester. You always think “ah bless, at least they’re having a go!”. One person protests probably shows the thing they are protesting about isn’t worth getting wound up over!

And this case proves that, yep it’s Hooters.

We first shared this meme in 2008 and it’s gone on to spread around the web many times over. It’s a classic!

This woman clearly disagrees with the nature of the business, at least the rather lovely ladies who work at Hooters are kind enough to offer her a nice cuppa!

Hooters Girls Meme
Classic Hooters Protester Meme: Women are not for decoration!
Description: funny hooters picture.

So all you people thinking of doing lone protests, be careful, you could become a famous idiot like this woman!

Hooters is only a bit of fun, some people just want to spoil it, unfortunately.

If you know of any more great pics like send them into us and we will take a look and possibly put them on the website in a new post. Please have them already formatted and preferably in JPG format, thanks.

Feel free to throw your comments in the section below, what do you think?

Image credit: natebeal.

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13 thoughts on “Classic Hooters Protester Meme: Women are not for decoration!

  1. Dear Jeff,

    I will not hold it against you if you have no manhood and are into wallflowers.

  2. it just makes me sad for all the women that poured their blood for us to be free ! we just have a few decades with our freedom and these kind of girls piss on that!! it just makes me sick and no im not a hater i just speak with the moral side of me when most people simply ignore it

  3. Please zip it whoever is being racist here!!!! Really, there is no place for it! Anyway no one can ever genralize an entire nation no matter who they were. What’s wrong with us anyway?

  4. Applause for Jeff! Finally, someone who values a woman with dignity and a sense of self worth! Go you!

  5. I think the woman holding the board is most beautiful of all women in the photograph. But then again not everyone will agree with me.

  6. Someone said the dressed woman has no self esteem. I tell you that she has self-esteem. The self-esteem to defy shallow social norms of the West and embark upon a beneficial profession of true service to society such as doctor, teacher, lawyer,writer, architect, scientist,etc… She’s got DIGNITY and HONOUR which seems to be out nowadays and wants to be remembered for her head and heart as oppossed to breasts. Noble woman if you ask me. And those tarts, if they are really brainless that they can’t find a career, should stay at home looking after their families. At least that’s beneficial . NOBODY should be paid for their breasts. It’s not beauty that matters but legacy that we leave for our children. Btw, would any of you “yay for Hooter girls” possy be glad for your mothers, sisters, daughters,wives, nieces, etc… to be in the Hooters girls’ place? I doubt it.

    “All the glory of the King’s daughter is within.”

  7. Come on, this woman is just jealous of beauty, of which she was deprived of her whole life.

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