John Smiths Adverts – The Peter Kay Ones!

These have to be up there as some of the funniest television ads of all time in the UK. Top work by Mr Peter Kay as he makes these adverts what they are.

The first video contains 3 different ads. In total there are 8 different ads to enjoy here, we have given them all a little title so you know which one it is. So funny.

A running bomb – Wardrobe monsters – The old peoples home – Av’ it!

When a daddy loves a mummy very much!

What if you could go out with any girl in the world?

Let me, GO!

Doorstep challenge.

The last one in the list is possibly the most famous and the one a lot of people always remember first. Hopefully they keep making lots more of these as they are brilliant.

Which one do you think is best?

Gallery image used is a screenshot from the video. Copyright respective owners, all rights reserved.

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