Lenny Henry Quotes and Stand Up Clip Live At Apollo

Lenny Henry is British comedy royalty, having been in showbusiness since the mid-1970s, winning talent show New Faces at 16, and going on to do shows like The Fosters, Tiswas and Three of a Kind and a stint at Radio 1. These appearances led to his own self-titled show, and he became a regular on the alternative comedy circuit, also releasing DVDs with good reviews.

Known for his string of zany characters, Henry was also sublime as choleric cook Gareth Blackstock in 1990s sitcom Chef! But he has also undertaken serious dramatic work, including the lead role as a head teacher in school drama Hope and Glory and playing a heroin addict in Alive and Kicking. His Shakespeare debut as Othello in 2009 garnered strong critical acclaim.

Here are some funny Lenny Henry Quotes:

  • I’d stay away from Ecstasy. This is a drug so strong it makes white people think they can dance!
  • (American hip hop group) NWA was so were so militant they might even have spotted a conspiracy theory in Humpty Dumpty.
  • I was married to the Vicar of Dimbleby for 25 years.
  • Oil your skin with body butter (‘I can’t believe its not Body Butter’ will do).
  • Get me a large knife sharp like a razor. I have to castrate the person who made this sauce and I want to avoid unnecessary suffering. It is imperative that the author of this atrocity is not allowed to breed any more. (as chef Gareth Blackstock.)
  • When you do a press day, sometimes you’re tired and you say things in the morning you spend the rest of the day trying to correct.
  • Ordinary people have opinions and if you ask, they are often very coherent.  Of course, sometimes they say ‘bananas are the instruments of Satan!’
  • On Iraq and war: huh! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing. Say it again…actually, better not.

Watch Lenny Henry hosting Live at the Apollo here:

Cradle to Rave plays some of the UK in spring 2011, and is the story of Henry’s musical journey through life. Rock with Laughter, which he is hosting with fellow comedians from Jo Brand to Alan Carr and featuring music from Slade, Bjorn Again and Beverley Knight, plays three pre-Christmas dates in Birmingham.

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