Really Good Life Lessons for Women

We are constantly learning, making ourselves better humans all the time. Here are some very important lessons for women.

A bit of fake tan is fine, but too much is disgusting. You end up looking like you showered in dog turd. And the photos will make you look even more stupid, so don’t over do it.

Too much fake tan
Too much fake tan.

If you want your bloke to give you some amazing sex, restrict him and tell him to do the cleaning. It will work like a charm!

Tell your man to clean the house
Tell your man to clean the house.

We all know this rule. If it says dont machine wash or tumble dry, never wash it, ever.

Dont wash that clothing, ever
Dont wash that clothing, ever.

Don’t wear low cut tops when digital cameras with face recognition will be used. It can lead to socially awkward situations.

Face recognition on a digital camera gone wrong
Face recognition on a digital camera gone wrong.

If you can’t find a man to have a good relationship with, consider your toilet.

Better than a boyfriend
Better than a boyfriend.

If ever wearing sexy underwear be sure to put it on right and have it all neat and tidy, or make sure no one can see it.

How not to wear a thong
How not to wear a thong, this is a big fail.

Ever wondered what is the best way to attract a man, this image will explain how.

How to attract a man by a woman with big boobs
How to attract a man in 1 easy step.

Always be prepared, that when you go to stay with family, access to the internet may be limited.

She has limited internet access
She has limited internet access.

Dont worry about how you look first thing in the morning. Beauty products will make it all ok.

Beauty products make everything ok
Beauty products make everything ok.

Hopefully this advice has proved helpful, I’m sure it has. Now armed with these incredible bits of wisdom go out there and be a new you!

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