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Stand-up, performance poet, podcaster and musician Phill Jupitus has been a team captain on BBC 2’s music quiz Never Mind the Buzzcocks since the beginning in 1996 and also appears regularly as a guest on other panel shows, from QI (on which he has a history of impersonating host Stephen Fry) to Radio 4’s I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue.

He has also recently released a paperback called Phill Jupitus BookGood Morning Nantwich: Adventures in Breakfast Radio which has received lots of positive reviews.

Here are some funny quotes by the man.

  • (On QI.) What kind of hellish quiz is this? Which one’s the odd one out? None of them! Bahahaaa! Bahahaaa!
  • (On QI.) Stephen Fry: I’ll give you an extra two points if you can tell me the longest fence in the world. Phill Jupitus: The Great Fence of China!
  • Stephen Fry: Why shouldn’t I strip Alan naked and cover him in gold paint? Phill Jupitus: You win your Oscar properly like everybody else!
  • (On fortune cookies) I wish they’d be a bit more honest—I mean “With the amount of MSG you’ve just had, a massive coronary is on the way”!
  • (On what happened to the crew of the RMS Titanic) I would imagine that in a sinking situation, you’d hope to be getting time and a half.
  • (On the Bayeux Tapestry) Is it like medieval text speak?
  • Brusque is a word that I would gleefully use about myself. I am not everybody’s cup of tea.
  • When you are a smartarse off a pop quiz, that is going to rub some people up the wrong way.
  • I can’t get arrested on the radio by the BBC these days.

More About The Man
His career began in the mid-1980s when he quit working in a Job Centre to become a left-wing punk poet. The former Housemartins press officer also has several dramatic roles under his belt, was the breakfast DJ on BBC 6 Music between 2002 until the end of March 2007, and worked on London’s GLR Radio. He has also supported Billy Bragg on tour, been a member of the West End cast of Hairspray, and is a regular on the summer festival circuit.

Good Morning Nantwich: Adventures in Breakfast Radio is published by HarperCollins, info further up the page. Never Mind the Buzzcocks is on TV screens in Autumn 2010 for its 24th series!

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