17 Truths About Life That We All Know

There are many things in life that you don’t stop to think about but they are so true, here are a collection of things you will probably nod your head at.

When you fire up Facebook.

Facebook messages
Facebook messages are more exciting than notifications.

Why do some men say women belong in the kitchen?

Women dont belong in kitchen
Women dont belong in kitchen

How you feel when the internet is down.

How you feel when internet is down
How you feel when internet is down.

We all do this.

Awkward silence moments
Awkward silence moments.

The real truth about why men and women masturbate.

Why men and women masturbate
Why men and women masturbate

How long 1 minute feels comparable to what you are doing in life.

How long 1 minute feels
How long 1 minute feels.

Why men wear sunglasses on holiday.

Why men wear sunglasses
Why men wear sunglasses.

America is the land of the free. Sort of.

Land of the free
Land of the free.

We think we can remember stuff, but we can’t.

Difficult to remember
Difficult to remember

Annoying women pouting for a selfie on their own, this is what they deserve.

Stupid women taking selfies
Stupid women taking selfies.

The truth about why we love fluffy socks so much.

Why we love fluffy socks
Why we love fluffy socks,

Facebook girlfriend problems.

What happens on FB
What happens on FB.

How we view the week.

How we view days of the week
How we view days of the week.

Fuel costs more than coca-cola. How has the world got to that point.

Fuel more expensive than coke
Fuel more expensive than coke.

The inconvenient truth about cannabis that most of society doesn’t like.

Truth about cannabis
Truth about cannabis.

Your belt is never easy when you need it to be.

Classic belt problem
Classic belt problem.

Brian Griffin looks a lot more naked without his dog collar on.

Brian Griffin
You are now looking at Brian Griffin naked.

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