The British are known as wonderful eccentrics, with all sorts of weird hobbies and quirks. This ties in with funky personalities, shown very nicely in this compilation of the citizens of the UK going about their business.

The golden oldie generation love to do a bit of shopping in the city centre.

Funny mobility scooters
Two old people going shopping.

Meanwhile those in the countryside enjoy horsing around.

Laughing horse
This is a horse laughing.

Mr Bean chills out listening to some music.

Mr Bean does not like Bieber
Mr Bean does not like Bieber

Meanwhile some basic maintenance needs to be to some of the signs. Or perhaps that is a message for the teenage chavs.

Broken sign says rude words
Broken sign

Look at my nice new TV. Possibly wins an award for worst selfie ever. We all like a nice new TV though!

Possibly worst selfie ever
Possibly worst selfie ever.

Unfortunately Facebook does seem to bring out the stupid in people. As with this absolute dipstick.

An idiot on FB
An idiot on FB

And this isn’t specifically a British meme but it’s the sort of things some British people do. Stay friends with dopey people, it will make you feel even smarter then you already are. What a life hack!

Feel like a genius
Feel like a genius.

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