Billy Connolly Classic Clips + Live in London DVD

The great man is back. That’s right the King of Comedy himself, Mr Billy Connolly returns with a new stand-up DVD. So I thought we would take a quick look at it, and also celebrate his previous work with some very funny moments from his previous performances.

It is titled Live in London 2010. Such is his popularity this show caused a ticketing website to crash from the demand when tickets first went on sale for his 20 nights at the Hammersmith Apollo, it goes without saying they all sold out! From raging about Britain’s political correctness to reporting about the oddities of America, this DVD (also available on blu-ray) takes the audience on a hilarious series of anecdotes, digressions, and yarns.

Clearly, Billy Connolly is still massively popular, so if you didn’t get chance to see him perform in the flesh – and let’s face it that’s most of us – then this DVD is a definite.

Let’s now quickly look back at some of his previous stand-up performances, click the play buttons below to get your funny muscles working.

Sheep Shagging


There were loads to choose from to put on this page, such is the quality of this mans material! So if you still haven’t seen a huge about of him check out his DVDs new and old.

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