Funny Demotivational Posters and Images About Pregnancy

Previously we covered the important life topic of getting married. This time round it is that other major part of your life, popping kids out of the lady cave. Here are some funny images about babies and being pregnant.

Perhaps this is how pregnancy tests should work. May increase the number of abortions though!

Honest test
Honest test

Some kids don’t like to sleep.

Cute baby joke
Not all babies sleep

Tramps have babies too.

Pregnant chav

It will be fun she said.

It will be fun she said
It will be fun she said

Get ready for when they have their first day at work, it is a big moment.

Baby in suit
First day at work

And remember parents, don’t get fat!

Fat parent problems
Fat parent problems

To those having kids now, be prepared for the future issues your little nipper will face.

Challenge kids face
Challenge kids face

If you don’t want kids in the first place, remember to use a rubber, look out for Durex adverts.

Funny Durex ad
Funny Durex ad

Go ahead and share this page with any friends or family you have who are pregnant. I am sure they will appreciate it a lot!

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