Born in 1967 this London funny man has been around since making his 2001 debut at The Fringe. Known for focusing most of his jokes around race, this leads a few to find him offensive, but many more just find him awesomely funny!

Comedian Stepken K AmosHere are a collection of quality Stephen K Amos jokes, and below you can see a couple of clips of him in action.

  • “We had 1 book, the phone book, I’ve read it, it wasn’t a great read, lots of characters, and on the end loads of polish people turn up.”
  • (In response to ‘Things You’re Unlikely to Hear on a Quiz Show’) “Look at what you could have won, if you went to school.”
  • “In Australia you can buy a cheese called ‘coon cheese’, did you hear what I said, ‘coon cheese’!!”
  • “I love performing in front of all you wonderful people. But really, this isn’t all that. What I really want is my own show. But the BBC have very strict guidlines about ethnicity. Apparently I’ve got to wait for Lenny Henry to die.”
  • “Christmases were terrible, not like nowadays when kids get everything. My sister got a miniature set of perfumes called ‘Ample’. It was tiny, but even I could see where my dad had scraped off the S”
  • “Baboooon!”

Here is a short clip of him performing:

You may also catch Stephen making appearances on popular TV panel shows such as Mock The Week and Have I Got News For You, so keep an eye or two out for those.

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