Bernard, Bob, Dickie, Kenny and Billy together make up The Lancashire Hotpots.

A big fan of theirs is Paddy McGuinness who described them as “The Spinal Tap of folk bands”! They have released 4 successful albums, a live DVD and numerous singles.

Having just finished their ‘Oh Me Knees II’ tour they are now on the ‘No Sleep till Preston’ tour until the middle of December. Check out tour dates at to go see them live. So I thought it was time to put together a page of their goodies!

Here are some funny videos for your viewing pleasure.

First off a clip of who the guys are.

Anyone for a chippy tea?

In need of a cuppa? Then ‘mek us a brew’!

There are loads more funny clips available for your viewing pleasure online. You can check out more videos on this youtube channel: Enjoy!

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