This is a list of guys doing great things, all hail the heroic chaps featured in this compilation. Lets get stuck in.

Good thinking with this YouTube creation. Lands the kiss as well!

YouTube lad
YouTube lad

Like father, like son!

Hot chick in hooters with a baby's funny face
Hot chick in hooters with a babys funny face

Work can be distracting sometimes.

Physio and hot chick in park
Physio and hot chick in park

This facial recognition software must have been developed by straight guys or lesbians!

Face recognition on a digital camera gone wrong
Face recognition on a digital camera gone wrong.

He may look shy, but it’s one way to break the ice!

Want to play the twister game
Want to play the twister game?

“How was your day at work honey?”, “yeah babe, no problems”.

Leave my package under the mat
Leave my package under the mat.

For the guy who always wanted to own a legit restaurant.

Fake Burger King
Fake Burger King

This little lad looks mesmerized by his babysitter!

Hot Baby Sitter Caption Picture
Hot baby sitter credit: flickr / suzanneandsimon

When you first become a father.

Difference between mothers and fathers
Difference between mothers and fathers.

We can’t see his face but yet can still tell he’s grinning from ear to ear.

Funny public toilet

Jokes for the Harry Potter fans, who cares what the haters say.

Harry Potter banter
Harry Potter banter

You shouldn’t drink at work when the weather’s hot but damn a cold brew is tempting!

How to keep beer chilled
How to keep beer chilled.

YOLO with the Troll tattoo.

Under armpit tattoo
Under armpit tattoo.

Thanks to all the brave heroes featured in this top list.

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