The Best Public Toilet In The World?

Most public toilets are not very nice places. In fact they are often rather rough depending on where you are in the world. Even if they are clean you still don’t want to spend much time in there, for obvious reasons. But there is one toilet where you wouldn’t be in a hurry¬†to waggle the last dribbles from your tackle!

This is without doubt the ultimate men’s restroom, definitely the best public toilet in the whole wide world.

Which girl would you want to wee into? Ok that sounded wrong, but the question is valid, which girl would you want to have peaking down at your pink whistle, skin flute, gentleman sausage, mini me, little soldier or whatever you like to call it. And if you didn’t laugh at any of those names for your wand then you need to get out of your house and slap yourself with a fish.

Personally I wouldn’t want to stand in front of the girl with a tape measure, that would make me feel a bit self conscious. And the one with a camera is very fruity but might make me twitch. The pretty lady in the dark top would be the way forward if the choice was there.

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