Funny novelty business cards that say, “Stop Talking”


Send a message when someone in a work meeting won’t shut up.

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Why we like this

Annoying people are all around. Often those annoying people are at work. If someone talks too much it can be tricky to politely get them to be quiet. There is a novel solution though. These “Stop Talking” cards will send a clear signal to others close to you, it’s like asking someone to shut their mouth without explicitly saying it.

They’re so simple. No fuss, nothing to be misunderstood. They even come in their own little box so you can carry them around in your suit pocket for when they’re needed; in a meeting, on a train, in a queue, at the hairdressers, wherever you want!

Who this makes a good gift for

You could buy these for yourself to keep on you when they are needed. Or alternatively novelty business cards like these can also make a funny present idea for others, such as:

  • Business men and women
  • Dads who live in a noisy house
  • Anyone who has annoying work colleagues
  • Office “Secret Santa”

One word of warning though, if you use them yourself be careful you don’t get a punch in the face! Some people may not see the funny side haha. And definitely don’t give it to a client, you’ll lose their business!

Expect to pay

In the United States, the price is around $10 before you add shipping. They may be available to buy in the UK and other countries from other retailers.

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