Gold Penis World Champion Trophy Award!


Glorious 4.5 inch golden trophy.

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This could be used in lots of situations. Maybe on a stag do, maybe as a joke birthday present. Or maybe at an official awards party! Wouldn’t it be great to see this given out to a football player at the Sports Personality Of The Year Awards!

Let’s be honest there are plenty of dickheads in this world. Why not make it clear to them by giving them a gold trophy.

This little beast stands 4.5 inches tall. Unfortunately, it’s only plastic, not real gold, as the cheap price probably suggests. The inscription says “World Champion” meaning it’s suitable for a wide range of pranks. The top has a generously sized helmet and it also has a nice red, white, and blue ribbon around the base of the shaft.

Whoever you’re buying this for, enjoy handing it over to the worthy winner!

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