Golden Penis Tipped Slippers For Posh Ladies And Gents


Keep those toes warm in style!

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You can’t beat a comfy pair of gold slippers to walk around the house in! You really will feel like royalty in these. Who knows, maybe certain members of the monarchy do wear these.

Be careful if you’ve got a dog or a cat. They may quite like the end of these are a toy! You don’t want your Labrador running around with a gold penis in his mouth.

These come complete with fluffy white pubes and shiny ballbags. Please note they are a novelty item and only come in one size. They are classed as fitting upto a size 42 (size 8.5 here in the UK).

If you don’t think these would look good keeping your feet warm, maybe you have a friend or family member worthy of these as a novelty gift.

Additional information




Bright Gold

Washing Instructions

Use hot soapy water


One size fits all (upto 8.5)

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