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Legal documentation that combine to form the ChuckleBuzz Terms Of Use:

Because this website operates in the comedy and entertainment niche, copyright is an important topic. This Copyright Policy governs the content live on ChuckleBuzz is owned and operated in England with all website files hosted in the United States. Each of the parties hereto hereby submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England. We still use the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) in our processes because we host content in the U.S., have visitors from the U.S. and it is operationally useful to help us meet our obligations regardless of locality.

If you’re here to submit a DMCA report please read the full Copyright Policy before submitting your report. Once you’re ready you will see the DMCA section further down the page where you can submit cease and desist communication.

Content Creation Policies
ChuckleBuzz is run in an honest way and first and foremost there’s never any attempt to say that someone else’s work is our own, or to directly sell someone else’s work.

Lot’s of the comedy content on our website celebrates TV programs, films, novelty products, and comedians. In order to curate this content we rely on the doctrine of fair use. In order to create articles about comedy entities that contain commentary, reviews, criticism, sector news and entity information, we post a variety of media including but not limited to; text quotes, GIFs, images, videos, memes, and audio.

We have a set of clearly defined rules during content creation we believe allow us to help make it beneficial for everybody. Here are the rules.

GIF time-lengthThey must be very short, just a few seconds.
Percentage of workWe must only ever quote a tiny percentage of work. For example, if a TV Series has thousands of lines said in it, we will only quote a tiny percentage of those lines.
Financial benefitsIn every page containing fair use work, such as quote pages, we include at least one commercial link so the topic entity has a way to benefit, an example would be if we posted quotes by a comedian we could also include a link for visitors to buy tickets to see that comedian live.
Non-financial benefitsOnce again in every page containing fair use work, we include at least one link in a way that the entity could benefit, such as their Twitter link so they may achieve more followers.
Market valueOur use of fair use work should never undermine the value of that property. In fact, we aim to do the opposite. It should hopefully make people want to watch a film again, see a comedian live etc, IE increase the market value of the work for the intellectual property owner.
UniquenessWe never blindly publish large collections of anything on one page (for example, quotes by a comedian) like some quote library websites. We always add at least one section of our own thoughts and comments.
Third-party hostsWe always use external hosts such as YouTube for videos and Tenor & Giphy for GIFs because these platforms make it easier for major copyright holders to control work.
Overall content percentageWe also publish; blog posts, reviews, jokes, quizzes, games, opinions, crosswords, competitions and other content which allows us to be sure individual fair use content will only ever make up a minority percentage of total content.

We take the hard work of creators seriously when doing curated content, examples of curated content include articles such as “best gif collections” or “collections of quotes”. We hope that reflects in how we want our website to contribute to their success. Whether that means somebody buying a ticket for a live stand-up performance, buying a DVD, following an entity on Twitter, telling friends, or just increasing their love for that film/TV show/comedian and being more likely to watch them next time they release something new. We want to be collaborative with companies and individuals to maximise the positive impact and if you wish to collaborate with us please do get in touch.

When doing reviews we stick with freedom of speech and sharing our own personal opinion. With published reviews, we own the full copyright to the review content. We try to avoid spoilers in reviews and are happy to work with companies to make sure important bits of films and TV programs aren’t given away if it’s not welcomed.

We consider GIFs to be considered “transformative” under fair use doctrine. We use external hosts such as Giphy. In the event you are a copyright holder and have an issue with a GIF we recommend you contact both us and the host (who will normally be Giphy or Tenor and will be detectable on-page). If you wish to collaborate with us and want us to share GIFs you have the rights to distribute please get in touch.

YouTube Videos
If you believe a YouTube video embedded on has infringed on an intellectual property you own, please use the YouTube platform to address it and that’ll ensure it’s dealt with in the correct way. YouTube videos embedded on ChuckleBuzz will no longer show if they’ve been removed from YouTube due to a copyright violation.

We don’t embed any audio from other sources on our website, all audio embedded here is owned by

External Hyperlinks
Our content often contains external hyperlinks. We do our best to vet the external page at the time of publishing. However, we have no control over external pages and they are subject to change at any time. We never intentionally link to external sites that contain illegal content. If you’re aware of such an instance on please contact us immediately with full details of a hyperlink that directs to work that has been illegally published. We will investigate immediately and remove offending hyperlinks.

Memes Posted
The funny memes posted on this website are discovered from a variety of sources. When we know the source we include it in the content. In the event an original source is no longer live we’ll either link using the Wayback machine or leave a note stating the original source is no longer live. Some of the memes posted on ChuckleBuzz were purchased in a bundle from the website Fiverr, they don’t contain source information in-post. We believe all memes fall under the “transformative” aspect of fair use doctrine.

Content Submitted By Visitors
We do not take responsibility for user-submitted content including comments on blog posts and games, or visitor reviews of products.

How To Submit A DMCA Report
If you wish to submit a DMCA cease and desist notice please use the information below. You’ll need to send in details of the offending item(s) and also full details about yourself. Here’s a list of what’s required:

  • Your full name, address, phone number, and e-mail address.
  • Description of the copyrighted work which you claim has been infringed with full details.
  • An exact URL of the original material (or identifying documents about the material in the event it’s a movie/TV program etc) and an exact URL of the alleged infringing material.
  • A statement made by you that the information in your notice is accurate.
  • An electronic or physical signature by the named person.

We will promptly remove infringing content when notified. Be aware that any individual or entity who knowingly misrepresents that material or activity is infringing may be subject to liability.

If you believe there is infringing material on the website but you don’t want it taken down, and instead would like specific credit to be given, please include all the above details plus what credit you require.

All submissions are investigated on a case-by-case basis and will receive prompt action. If you wish to also submit a takedown request to our internet web hosting provider please visit

Contact Details

Please send the information to the email address listed here. For official letters via head office communication the postal address for is:

Unit 15708
PO Box 15113
B2 2NJ

All requests will be taken seriously and acted upon quickly. We have a takedown procedure in place which will be triggered while investigations are carried out.

Your Use Of Content On ChuckleBuzz
The Disclaimer part of our Terms Of Use covers what you can and cannot do on our website. We welcome people to directly share our webpages with friends but discourage blindly copying content from this website and publicly posting. If you do please be clear on your own personal legal requirements. Lots of content on is owned by us and we will submit DMCA requests to those who publicly post content we own without asking.

Changes To The Copyright Policy
This Copyright Policy was last updated February 2nd 2023. We reserve the right to revise the document from time to time without notice but any changes will not generally be retrospectively effective. If any part of this document is determined by any competent authority or court to be unenforceable and/or unlawful, the other parts will continue in full effect.