This website is run in a honest way and there is never any intention to steal someone other peoples copyright. Everything shared is designed to be fun and upbeat. Chuckle Buzz never claims to be the owner of what’s shared.

Most of the funny memes on this website were purchased in a bundle from the website Fiverr. Upon purchase the seller gave the rights to publish every image on a public website, but obviously Chuckle Buzz is relying on trusting the seller being truthful.

If you find content on the website that you are the copyright owner of and you feel like the content should not be being used then you are welcome to submit a DMCA request.

You will need to send in details of the offending item and also full details about yourself so that it can be verified you are indeed the owner. Full proof will be needed to show you are the correct owner and that you have the rights. Please send the information to:

As has already been said, the website is run honestly and for fun all requests will be taken seriously and acted upon quickly.