No matter what the location for the party or stag do you’re going on with friends, a blow up inflatable sheep is always a welcome addition. It’s the sort of thing us British people do!

So who’s the stag? Show them off with a classic pair of stag antlers. It won’t make him look silly at all.

When hosting guests and playing drinking games it can be good to whip out a nice bit of glassware.

Every filthy stag do needs an inflatable doll as a prop. Let’s introduce you to Naomi – A very, very naughty nurse.

Are you good at completing the Rubik’s cube? If you think so then why not try out this challenging boob cube puzzle game! It’s a fun novelty toy for adults. Plus, it’ll challenge your brain which could make you smarter. 😉

What else could be more delicious than a pussy lollipop? Just look at it, yum!

This could be used in plenty of situations. Maybe on a stag do for the prize plonker of the weekend, or maybe as a joke birthday present! Or dare you take it to work to award the trophy to the “dickhead of the month” employee?

If you’re going on a stag or want a silly novelty gift to buy for a guy, then look no further than this pair of candy pants!