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Ms Eva Inflatable Party Sheep

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No matter what the location for the party or stag do you’re going on with friends, a blow up inflatable sheep is always a welcome addition. It’s the sort of thing us British people do!

This isn’t just any normal sheep. Ms. Eva is very sexy with her seductive red lips and a beautiful face. Even the most loyal gentleman can struggle to resist her allure.

As the box says, this is “safe and washable,” just in case anything sticky gets on it. Always good to know. She can be blown up with your mouth or a foot pump.

Whatever you do with Ms. Eva, stay safe. Ewe you wouldn’t want anything silly to happen and end up letting her down. She’s even ideal as a partner for a fun fancy dress costume if that’s your plan.

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Visit the retailer to check the current availability and price, it’s normally well under a tenner.

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Our score for Ms Eva Inflatable Party Sheep: 69 out of 100!