Whenever life is causing you to be stressed it’s important to relieve that stress. No matter whether it’s your job, relationships or your inability to stop eating cake.

No matter what the location for the party or stag do you’re going on with friends, a blow up inflatable sheep is always a welcome addition. It’s the sort of thing us British people do!

The theme of this sexy game is the mile high club, as the name suggests! Spice things up with a fun evening at home, get the wine out, some delicious nibbles, and whip out this for a bit of surprise fun with your other half.

If you’re preparing a rowdy hen party then this Bridal Party Confession Game is worth a look in. Get the wine flowing and bring this out.

You really can’t beat a good Full English fry up in the morning! Why not make it even better and make your eggs into the shape of a penis for no reason whatsoever other than a bit of fun. This novelty cookware will help you do exactly that.

In the mood for some saucy fun in the bedroom? Have a giggle and get frisky in the process with this globally popular board game. It goes by the name of Monogamy.

Get ready to close the curtains, ask the neighbours to put on some earmuffs, and be prepared for a fun evening in with Lust!

Bath time is for adults too! This funny yellow rubber duck with a dick is a great way to add a bit of silly humour to the bathroom.

No wild party can be complete without some brightly coloured dicky sipping straws for guests to have with their drinks. Just picture these in a trendy cocktail! Nothing could ooze class more than that.

A classic truth and dare game! Made purposefully for brides to be on their last big night out before they get married.

So who’s the stag? Show them off with a classic pair of stag antlers. It won’t make him look silly at all.

When hosting guests and playing drinking games it can be good to whip out a nice bit of glassware.

You can’t beat a comfy pair of gold slippers to walk around the house in! You really will feel like royalty in these. Who knows, maybe certain members of the monarchy do wear these.

Get the giggles flowing by playing the dirtiest game of ring toss that you’ve ever seen! Pick a person to strap on the big pink penis as others try to toss their ring straight down the shaft!

Look at this absolute stallion! If you really want to have an inflatable doll to get the fellow ladies at your hen do screaming then Benton G is your man. Look at the irresistible smile on his face!

Every filthy stag do needs an inflatable doll as a prop. Let’s introduce you to Naomi – A very, very naughty nurse.

In the cold winter it can be nice to have a hot water bottle to snuggle up to.

The name of this probably gives it away! It’s a very fun and very naughty game for couples to play.

Are you good at completing the Rubik’s cube? If you think so then why not try out this challenging boob cube puzzle game! It’s a fun novelty toy for adults. Plus, it’ll challenge your brain which could make you smarter. 😉

It’s nice to wear an apron and do a bit of baking at home. Why not do it in style and have a silly cooking session with this novelty kitchen apron complete with a big pair of squishy bangers!