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Truth Or Dare Hen Party Game

A classic truth and dare game! Made purposefully for brides to be on their last big night out before they get married.

It’s more than just a simple truth or dare game though. The spinner board also contains other instructions so that it doubles up as a drinking game too! Sometimes it will land on instructions such as; everybody chugs, toilet break, chug a beer, everybody do a shot. There’s no hiding away if you’re playing this!

Box contains:

  • 1 spinner board
  • 60 deck of cards (30 for truth, 30 for dares)

A great game to really kick the hen party off. Prepare to listen to some naughty truths and see hilarious dares unfold. Whatever your role in the wedding party, be ready to get messy!

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Our score for Truth Or Dare Hen Party Game: 77 out of 100!

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