Novelty hen party ring toss game
Approx price: £10

Rude Ring Toss Game Ideal For Hen Do’s!

Get the giggles flowing by playing the dirtiest game of ring toss that you’ve ever seen! Pick a person to strap on the big pink penis as others try to toss their ring straight down the shaft!

This game is ideal for:

  • Hen parties
  • Raucous birthday parties!
  • Office Christmas parties if you’re a rowdy bunch

Not so ideal for parties with your nan.

Make the game as easy or as hard as you want by picking the distance people have to throw from. You could even make it into a drinking game. Each time you are successful you get to nominate one other person to down some of their drink.

Adjustable straps make this a game for everyone to play. Who amongst your friends will be crowned king of the pecker and land the most rings?

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