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After Dinner Novelty Rude Chocolate Willies

It’s always nice to give guests a few nibbles when hosting a party or hen do at home! And how about some novelty rude chocolate.

Why not offer them some seriously delicious chocolate willies.

1 box contains 8 tasty dicks. If you’ve got hungry guests you might need more than one box, these are easy to eat quickly! Each chocolate is filled with soft gooey mint fondant.

Sure to be a great hit with the girls (and guys) at your prepared get-together. Each individual chocolate is perfectly shaped as a stiff gentleman’s part.

You know how when you arrive at posh hotels and they sometimes have a little chocolate on the pillow? Wouldn’t it be great if you arrived at a hotel and one of these little fellas was sitting on your pillow haha! Any hotel owners feel free to try it and see what reviews people leave on TripAdvisor :/

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