Whenever life is causing you to be stressed it’s important to relieve that stress. No matter whether it’s your job, relationships or your inability to stop eating cake.

You really can’t beat a good Full English fry up in the morning! Why not make it even better and make your eggs into the shape of a penis for no reason whatsoever other than a bit of fun. This novelty cookware will help you do exactly that.

Bath time is for adults too! This funny yellow rubber duck with a dick is a great way to add a bit of silly humour to the bathroom.

When hosting guests and playing drinking games it can be good to whip out a nice bit of glassware.

In the cold winter it can be nice to have a hot water bottle to snuggle up to.

Are you good at completing the Rubik’s cube? If you think so then why not try out this challenging boob cube puzzle game! It’s a fun novelty toy for adults. Plus, it’ll challenge your brain which could make you smarter. 😉

It’s always nice to give guests a few nibbles when hosting a party or hen do at home! And how about some novelty rude chocolate.

These “Stop Talking” cards will send a clear signal to others close to you in the work office!

We’re always on the lookout for funny new ideas to add to this Christmas compilation so if you know of any good secret santa gifts you recommend should be on here then please get in touch with us!