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Novelty ‘Boob Cube’ Brain Teasing Puzzle

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Are you good at completing the Rubik’s cube? If you think so then why not try out this challenging boob cube puzzle game! It’s a fun novelty toy for adults. Plus, it’ll challenge your brain which could make you smarter. 😉

Finish it successfully to reveal the beautiful female form in all its glory. Not a bad prize for completion.

Each side features a voluptuous pair of ladies boobs. Try not to get distracted while completing it. This is sure to give your brain a really hard workout.

Could also be a fun novelty gift to buy someone. Be sure not to leave it on a desk at work though, that could be embarrassing!

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Our score for Novelty ‘Boob Cube’ Brain Teasing Puzzle: 69 out of 100!

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