Novelty rude apron
Approx price: £13

Novelty Kitchen Apron With Big Soft Boobs!

It’s nice to wear an apron and do a bit of baking at home. Why not do it in style and have a silly cooking session with this novelty kitchen apron complete with a big pair of squishy bangers!

If throwing a dinner party for friends this would really make them laugh. Be aware they may want to be cheeky and have a squeeze of your soft set of baps.

Be careful about people seeing through your window, people walking past in the street may take a second glance as they walk past! Also, be careful if you’re going on Come Dine With Me on Channel 4, the producers may be against you wearing it.

Great as a novelty gift for a friend or certain family members! One size fits all, see the ‘additional information’ tab for more details.

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Our score for Novelty Kitchen Apron With Big Soft Boobs!: 75 out of 100!

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