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Rude Yellow Rubber Duck With A Big Dick

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Bath time is for adults too! This funny yellow rubber duck with a dick is a great way to add a bit of silly humour to the bathroom.

What’s great about this how Mr Duck (you could give him his own individual name) has eyes that stare at you, his expression screams out “there’s nothing to see here”. Fair to say this product is an office favourite here at ChuckleBuzz.

If you’ve got kids please be sure not to accidentally leave this in the bathroom!

Who This Rude Duck Is Ideal For

This can be a great novelty gift not only as a regular present but maybe something like a house warming present. If you’re a practical joker type of a guy and want to run your partner a bath then this could be a fun way to surprise them. They think there’s a cute little rubber ducky in the water with them, and then when they lift it up they’ll see his dong in all its glory, and don’t forget the cracking pair of nuts on him too!

Product Video

Here is a good video a guy made demonstrating how the product is in real life.

This is probably the most adorable thing listed in our marketplace, if this ducky isn’t cute enough for you then move along! If cock humour is your type of giggle then also check out these dick shaped novelty products.

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The price varies, in the UK expect to pay around £9 before postage and packaging is included. This product is mainly sold in the UK but you may be able to get international shipping from some retailers.

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Our score for Rude Yellow Rubber Duck With A Big Dick: 88 out of 100!

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