Naughty Novelty Shot Glasses

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Naughty Sex Position Shot Glasses

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When hosting guests and playing drinking games it can be good to whip out a nice bit of glassware.

This set of 6 shot glasses are sure to leave your guests wide-eyed when they see the filth on the front of them! And we don’t mean dirt you can rub off. These are filthy sex positions.

Each novelty shot glass features an athletic cartoon couple in a unique position. Some are very exotic! The question is, which alcoholic treat are you going to put inside? Sambuca, Jagermeister, a bit of Peach Schnapps perhaps?

Ideal for stag do’s as well as regular house parties that you want to provide giggles. You could even take them on holiday, us Brits love a bit of class on our hols! After each use of the glasses please handwash only, dishwashers may be harmful to them.

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