Let’s kick straight off and they say that if you’re truly terrible at chatting up partners, this won’t be your saviour! But if you’re a nice normal decent person then it’s worth a look because it may help you. Especially with dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble being so prevalent now!

How to use pick-up lines

Read the body language or personality type of the person

Whether a chat-up line will work or not is a bit of a lottery. If you’re in a bar try to read the body language of the person to see if they’re having a great time and in a feel-good mood. Maybe they’d see the funny side of your chat-up line.

It’s impossible to read body language on dating apps so instead take a look at their pictures and their description to get an idea of what their personality is like. If they’re a very quiet and shy librarian they might not appreciate you bulldozing into their life with a dirty pick-up line!

Circumstances matter

If you’re in a group of friends on holiday, chatting to another group you’ve met, and are all having a laugh, a cheeky chat-up line might go down well with someone you like. The circumstance of that situation lends itself well. That’s a prime example of where it can make perfect sense to use a chat-up line. Even if it doesn’t go down well, there may still be some giggles.

How you execute the pick-up line matters

In order for the cheesy chat-up lines to even have a chance to work you need to have the confidence to say them, and not to just mumble them to any old drunk lass on the dancefloor but to people you actually fancy, and say them how they should be said.

It takes confidence to say a chat-up line, so saying it like a mouse isn’t going to work. Someone who does confident speeches regularly for work may be better placed to say them. Having said that, don’t steamroll in with your chest pushed out making out like you’re Little Miss Confidence if you’re not naturally like that.

And of course, don’t be one of those weirdos.

Accept the outcome – even when it goes badly

There’s no one reaction to expect from people because we’re all different. How it goes will partly depend on the type of mood you catch someone in. If you’re in a bar and someone is drunk and all over the place you might be able to say absolutely anything and only get a confused slurred reply anyway!

For the more sober ones well if they aren’t in the mood, you’re gonna look stupid. And if they plain hate chat up lines then you are gonna be looked down upon and they’re going to move on. Some people find them lame and awkward and you aren’t going to change that!

Whatever the outcome, accept it and move on. Don’t let your pride take a dent, it was only a bit of fun after all!

But some people will find them funny. So you also need to be ready for when it goes well. People who appreciate the confidence/cockiness to say it is enough alone for them to give you a minute of their valuable time. Don’t then fluff it up by turning into a mute! You’ve broken the ice, now take a dip in the pool of ‘getting to know someone’.

As for dating apps, you’ll probably just find you get no reply when it goes badly. On to the next one!

Be yourself

When you do use chat-up lines make sure you’re being yourself. When meeting people they need to see the real you and you need to see the real them. It’s no good using a chat-up line that you don’t think is hilarious. It’s a reflection of your personality. Only use lines you think are brilliant.

Corny chat up lines to use

If it’s your first time using chat-up lines then here are a few funny chat-up lines to get you started. They’re suitably corny and can be used on guys and girls:

  • “If girls/guys were bogeys. I’d pick you first.”
  • “If you were a vegetable, you’d be a ‘cute-cumber’”
  • “If you were a fruit, you’d be a ‘fine-apple’”
  • “I bet you 50 bucks/pounds/euros you’re going to turn me down.”
  • “On a scale from 1 to 10, you’re a 9. And I’m the 1 you need.”
  • “Are you an electrician because you’re definitely lighting up my night!”
  • “You must be a banana because I find you a-peeling.”
  • “Aside from taking my breath away, what do you do for a living?”
  • “If being sexy was a crime, you’d be guilty as charged.” (oooh this one’s cringe!!)

Remember you don’t have to go straight up to someone and say these as the very first thing. If you’ve naturally got chatting already and the conversation is flowing then you could slip it in there!

Try to also think of your own, perhaps something witty or creative. It could be based on the place you’re at, or what the person is wearing. As long as it’s fun and friendly why not give it a try!

According to this study that looked at the outcome of pick-up lines on Tinder, most women prefer the pick-up lines that are either genuinely funny or have a compliment in them. So that’s worth keeping in mind!

Is simply breaking the ice the real key?

Does it help to start with a chat-up line to make the girl laugh?
Does it help to start with a chat-up line to make the girl laugh?

The question is, do chat-up lines work better than simply going up to someone you think looks nice and introducing yourself as normal? Let’s be honest, probably not. You leave yourself more open to instant failure if you try a funny chat-up line. But you know what, everything has its time and place.

If you use the dating apps such as Tinder and have the volume on your side of matches, then perhaps you could spray some corny openers out there and see what responses you get. If you try them for a while and get nothing but deeply negative responses (or silence), then you know it’s time to stop using them!

Go forth and conduct your own tests. Maybe using funny chat-up lines is the answer to your drought, or maybe you will look like a first-class plonker. There’s only one thing to do, go out and sow the seeds wide and see how many nibbles you get!

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