Yes, is the short answer!

That is what the scientists say at least. Apparently, on average, girls who are with guys who are funny have more orgasms. Sorry ladies who have boring fellas, you need to buy yourself a few little toys to really get yourself off.

Researchers from the University at Albany, NY, USA, surveyed female undergraduate students who were in committed heterosexual relationships. They asked them all sorts of deep questions about their sexual behaviors, prior experience, the feelings toward their partners and also features of their boyfriends.

Feet poking out of bottom of bed
Are guys who make you giggle better under the sheets?

For the purpose of this particular scientific study only experiences of vaginal orgasm were counted. The conclusion was that sense of humor was a good predictor. The funny guys scored higher. Also, the higher the quantity of orgasms a woman has, the stronger they tend to be. What a win!

As with some scientific statistics it is worth taking this with a pinch of salt. For a start they only surveyed 44 women, and that is a very small sample. It is certainly not a big enough data sample to draw full conclusions.

But, if you talk to people most girls want their guy to be funny. For obvious reasons, nobody wants to be in a boring relationship. So if this is pointing to the idea that yes, funny guys are good in bed, on average, then that is a double whammy.

What advice can we draw from this? If you’re in a boring relationship, get out and find someone who makes you laugh. It will definitely be more fun and when the lights go out you may well get more smiles on your face (or whatever interesting facial expressions you make during sex). The only downside is, you will probably have to change the sheets a little bit more often. Gross. That’s enough of that.

Please note the original source was the EPjournal but the page it was found on now returns an error page.

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