Benton G Smiling Inflatable Doll


He’s smiling and he’s life size!

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If you really want to have an inflatable doll to get the fellow ladies at your hen do screaming then Benton G is your man. Look at the irresistible smile on his face!

For a bride who is into the handsome dark-skinned guys then look no further. Not only has he got a happy smiling face, he’s also got a body that shows just how much he works out. His arms are wide open ready for a cuddle.

Once you’ve stopped gazing into his eyes draw yourself down to see he comes complete with a large member.

Get Benton G in your life now. If you’re going out of the home and taking this inflatable doll for a night out on the town, be prepared for some incredible reactions!

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PVC plastic

Care Instructions

Easy to wipe clean


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