Valentine’s card to give a guy who puts up with your girly farts!


Are you the girl who is always farting in bed? Your boyfriend might love this then!


This very funny card is perfect to give as a joke on Valentine’s Day to your guy if he has put up with you always farting in bed! It features a couple of cute cartoon spoons with long arms having a warm snuggle.

If your partner genuinely hates you dropping stink bombs in the bedsheets then maybe it’s best not to give this card to him. He may not see the funny side. 😉

It can be nice to buy light-hearted silly cards and this fits the bill perfectly.

The card is blank inside so you can write your own wholesome message, or maybe chuck in a filthy one-liner instead haha! It can also be used for other occasions, for example, your wedding anniversary or his birthday.

Reviews say the card is good quality and delivered in a strong unbendable envelope giving some peace of mind. And the seller is very highly rated on Etsy.

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15cm x 15cm