The Sex Board Game


Over 1 million of this game have been sold.

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The name of this probably gives it away! It’s a very fun and very naughty game for couples to play.

Having sold over 1 million copies that tells you a lot about this game, it’s good! As the product box tells you, there’s over 1 million potential outcomes when you play it! This thing clearly only deals in millions.

How does it work? As you move around the board you’ll be answer sexy trivia questions, during which you and your playing partner will engage in highly erotic foreplay and tantalisingly lovely treats. Once you’ve spent an evening playing it you’ll want to keep bringing it out.

Get ready to giggle and frolic in the bedroom with this providing many fun evenings. Perhaps get a bottle of wine involved too! Even if you don’t need to spice things up in the bedroom this could still be funny no matter who you, what age you are or where you’re from.

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The Sex Board Game
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