Giggle at these funny acronyms for FBI:

  • Full Blown Idiot
    “Look at that guy parking badly, he is definitely a FBI”
  • Fine, Beautiful, Intelligent
    “I find you so sexy, you’re proper FBI”
  • Fucking Brilliant Idea
    “Boss that is an FBI!”
  • Fit But Irritating
    “I fancy this girl but honestly she’s FBI”
  • Funny But Irritating
    “Dave is FBI”
  • Firm Believer in Chocolate
    “I am an FBI person”
  • Fat, Bald, Impotent
    “As much as I love my mate he is so FBI”
  • Female Body Inspectors
    “These bouncers on the door are just sleazy FBI”
  • Federal Bureau of Intoxication
    “Time to turn this house into an FBI ready for the party!”

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