Here are some ideas for funny acronyms for the word ‘OLD’:

  • Outrageously Long Dick
    “I couldn’t sleep with him, the guy had an OLD!”
  • Overly Lively Dancing
    “That person on the dancefloor is OLD”
  • Old Lovely Dad
    “My parents are great, I’m blessed with an OLDy!”
  • Obsessive Little Douchebag
    “This viewer on my stream is an OLD”
  • Openhearted, Loyal, Darling
    “I’m so lucky my husband is OLD”
  • Obnoxious Little Dick
    “The date was terrible he was an OLD”
  • Outrageous, Lovely, Delightful
    “You’re everything I like in a partner, you’re OLD”

It’s a tricky one to create acronyms for, if you’ve got any better acronyms you can add them below! Remember to always respect your elders!

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