Funny Quotes By Bubbles The Little Britain character!

Resident (well, permanent holidaymaker) of the Hill Grange Health Spa in Trump, Mrs Bubbles Devere was a character in Little Britain known for her love of suntan beds, pleasant voice, inability to pay bills, and fuller figure when she gets naked!

Bubbles was definitely one of the most popular characters of the Little Britain BBC series. Here were some of Bubbles funny quotes and catchphrases:

Bubbles from Little Britain
  • “Call me Bubbles everybody does!”
  • “Hello darling!”
  • “Ha please leave. We all know what that means captain don’t we; please don’t leave.”
  • “Champagne for everyone!”
  • “Are you a married man Mr Hutton?”
  • “I’m sure we can come to some sort of arrangement, Mr Hutton.”
  • “My turn now darling.”
  • “I have a colonic at 3.”

This was one of many creations by writers and actors Matt Lucas and David Walliams.

In June 2020 Matt Lucas and David Walliams hit the headlines as they publicly apologised for their use of blackface in Little Britain, one of the characters of whom was the rival of Bubbles, her name was Desiree. Upon the apology going public BBC removed the show from their platforms, as did Netflix. We’ve decided to keep this page here for those who wish to still relive some of the quotes by this particular character.