Stressticles Novelty Stress Balls


When life gets stressful it can be good to have something that you can squeeze really hard to release the tension.

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Whenever life is causing you to be stressed it’s important to relieve that stress. No matter whether it’s your job, relationships or your inability to stop eating cake. Why not pick up a pair of lovely rubber “Stressticles” to help you tough it out. These fantastic liquid filled and highly stretchy ballbags do the job nicely.

Great as a novelty gift or to pop in your own desk at work and pick up whenever your boss is being annoying. Just be careful about someone seeing these in your draw, don’t blame us if you get in a pickle at work because there are some fake testi’s in the building.

How real do they feel? Well there’s no pubes on them so they’re lovely and smooth! Get your own hands on these nuts in order to feel for yourself.

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Stressticles Novelty Stress Balls
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