This guide will show you how to setup your own funny website and make it a success.

Let’s kick straight off and they say that if you’re truly terrible at chatting up partners, this won’t be your saviour! But if you’re a nice normal decent person then it’s worth a look because it may help you. Especially with dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble being so prevalent now!

Making a full-time living from being a funny person is up there as a dream job for some people. But can anyone do it? These days there are a wide variety of jobs you can do in the comedy and entertainment industry, so let’s look into the topic more. Can comedy be taught? It’s one … Continue reading Can you learn to be funny enough to make money in the comedy world?

Do you have to include lots of jokes to make it entertaining so people enjoy it? This post looks at that topic.

There are pros and cons to making interviewers laugh, let’s dig into the topic.

Here is a collection of Sean Lock clips and quotes, awesome comedian!