Free online sandbox car game for single players (PC only)

Race around a sports car doing flips and shit in this sandbox car game.

Instructions – How to play

Use your arrow pad on your keyboard to control your car. The down arrow activates the cars brakes. The up arrow is for accelerating. Press ‘c’ to move the camera around to some different cool angles.

This game is not designed for smartphones. It’s PC only.

Play Stunt Park Racer

Explore around to play on all the different jumps, ramps and sections.


Try to not get your car stuck on the big loop!

Stunt Park Racer Details

  • Family friendly game for all ages
  • HTML5
  • Unsuitable for mobile devices
  • Development Engine: Unity
  • Browser compatibility; Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge
  • Free-to-play
  • Cheats available: none

Quick Review

Some times it can be fun to just blast around doing flips and stuff in a car! This game is perfect for that. It’s a shame you can’t change your car, but there’s loads of different ramps and moves to attempt with your sports car.

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