Fun Games To Play On Valentines Day With Your Partner!

Time for some fun huh? Alright let’s jump in, here are some fun games you can play on Valentine’s Day with your other half. No downloads needed, no money needed – just bring your skills. 🙌

Two Truths And A Lie

In “Two Truths and a Lie” you take turns telling each other three statements, with one being a lie, and see if the other person can guess correctly which one is a lie. Play 5 rounds each and whoever picks the most lies is a winner!

Tongue Twister Challenge

Who is the best at tongue twisters? Let’s find out. They’re all on the theme of love of course! 12 to test yourselves on in total. Try these Valentines tongue twisters and let’s see who has the best oral skills 👀.

Saucy Truth Or Dare

It’s the old classic, oh yes it never gets boring! Truth or dare! Add a romantic twist to the classic game by asking intimate questions or dares that bring you closer together so to speak!

Anagrams Challenge

Anagrams are those long jumbles of letters you have to work out what word they make. Like the TV program Countdown. We have came up with some Valentine’s themed anagrams. Who will get them the quickest? Play the anagrams game for couples now.

Love Letter Game

Write silly letters to each other sharing what you love and find fun about the other person. The aim is to make each other laugh! Then take it in turns to swap letters and see your partners reaction. Whoever writes the funniest letter is crowned the winner.

Question Time

No we don’t mean the boring politics TV program. It’s time to ask each other fun questions. For this you need a piece of paper and a couple of pens. How to play:

  1. Tear the paper in half, have one bit of the paper each.
  2. Each partner writes 5 fun questions and tears them into their own individual pieces. They can be about anything, but make them fun and ideally about each other!
  3. Don’t let each other see what you’ve written.
  4. Put all 10 questions you’ve written between you into the jar.
  5. Now give it a swoosh around to mix the questions around.
  6. Take it in turns to pull them out and answering them.

No winners and losers in this game, just fun!


Another classic game. Keep it themed by acting out romantic movies, songs, or moments from your relationship for each other to guess.

Don’t Fancy These Games?

These are the best games for couples to play that we can think of from the ChuckleBuzz office. But if none of those games seem any good to you then sod it, time for a game of hide the sausage! Enjoy!

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