This free Valentine’s game for couples is a lot of fun. Play right now without downloading an app or printing anything! Game on.

Competitive couple together on beach with the man bragging about when he won the Valentine's Day game

What will the loser have to do?

First up – think of a forfeit or punishment that must be done by the loser after the game. Here are some ideas:

  • Something easy like washing the kitchen dishes.
  • Or maybe something more brutal, have them run naked around the garden! (sorry neighbours)
  • Or it could involve alcohol, a shot of Tequila perhaps.

Move on to the instructions below when you’ve both decided what the loser will have to do.

How to play

  • You play the game together at the same time.
  • It’s an anagrams game. The aim is to solve the anagrams, simples!
  • The first person to shout out each answer wins 1 point.
  • 10 anagrams in total.
  • The person who gets the most points WINS!

Remember, all the answers are related to Valentine’s Day! On your marks. Get set. Go!


(if you don’t get some you’ll find all the answers further down the page)

Anagram 1 – Show the anagram!


Anagram 2 – Show the anagram!


Anagram 3 – Show the anagram!


Anagram 4 – Show the anagram!


Anagram 5 – Show the anagram!


Anagram 6 – Show the anagram!


Anagram 7 – Show the anagram!


Anagram 8 – Show the anagram!


Anagram 9 – Show the anagram!


Anagram 10 – Show the anagram!


And that’s game over players!

Who won the game?

It’s time for the loser to do their forfeit you both agreed at the start of the game!! Go for it, enjoy loserrrrrr!

Full list of answers

You better not be peaking here without finishing the game first! Here’s a full list of the answers to each anagram, how many did you unscramble correctly?

pcdiu = cupid

lsoerwf = flowers

hatre = heart

xsye = sexy

coheslctao = chocolates

deucld = cuddle

ueivolyo = i love you

aguretlh = laughter

ovfrree = forever

reardmi = admirer

If you’re still in the mood for more giggles check out these adult-only Valentine’s jokes. We hope you enjoyed this cheeky little online Valentine’s game for couples, we hope it hasn’t caused any arguments between you!

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